DotTune: Video Tutorial for AF tuning without photographs

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Re: Read Me: Major discovery for reducing confirmed range

lovEU wrote:

hi, some random questions / thoughts came into my mind having read this thread:

  • Maybe some more testing should be done regarding Kaj E's objection "Why the middle of the range?"
  • Do you eventually have a chance to discuss your method with some guys from Nikon? I guess it would be interesting to get to know what the ones who are doing AF calibration at service centers think about your method.
  • Did you receive any feedback from Marianne Oelund so far? (not within this tread, obviously)
  • Looking at some other AF related threads it looks like one has to do such calibration for different lighting conditions.

Achtually, your method reminds me a bit of a philosopher's stone but I'm not sure how reliable it really can be.

Forgot to say: thanks for sharing.

The questions about DOF and middle-of-the-range were asked/addressed in the posts above in this thread. Using DotTune on a 2-D target has the same implications as using any other tuning method with a 2-D target. If more DOF precision is desired then a 3-D target like LensAlign is suggested. I suppose one could tune to a 2-D target and then try to guess an off-center midpoint adjustment to alter the DOF balance but the relationship between tune adjustment and DOF may vary by distance/situation.

Nikon doesn't appear to want to talk to any of their customers about anything these days

Marianne participated in the original thread and came up with a nice workaround for the +/- 20 tune range case. I don't know if she's tried DotTune herself.

As for reliability, the best way to gauge is to give it a try. Nearly everyone on the original thread reported good results, with many others telling me that DotTune produced results equal to Focal.

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