Decisions: Size vs Price vs IQ

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Re: Decisions: Size vs Price vs IQ

tjdean01 wrote:

I think I'm going to go for the PM2 because based on test results the pancake lens I'm planning on getting is sharper than the XZ-2. I'd still like to see some comparisons though.

I think you are right about PM2 with a prime having better sharpness. The XZ-2 images I have seen until now were a bit disappointing in the corners in the WA range, the P7700 and LX7 look significantly better there. But difficult to say without controlled tests from several sites (could be sample variation), and for XZ-10 it is even more guesswork.

I have also considered an m43 camera with pancake prime, e.g. the Panny 2.5/14 (which is not the best, but good enough). But after my encounter with S110 I prefer a compact with good EVF, and it seems that a few are on the horizon now. Possibly a good swivel display would be an alternative to EVF for me, but I haven't really tried that yet.

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