How good is the D800 ?

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Re: How good is the D800 ?

clouseau2 wrote:

I have a Nikon D3s for the speedy stuff and im very very pleased with it .

I would like a D800 for the "not so speedy stuff " This will be mainly landscapes , models and so on .

On on sites the D800 is praised to the heavens and on DPR its all whinning and misery .

Somebody please give me and honest opinion Please !

Mvh Clouseau

Your question is worth asking - I've just bought a used D3 because I'm fed up with the focus issue on my D800.  It's been back to Nikon twice and they're now assessing a further set of image files.  The D800 has produced some stunning shots (and thankfully managed to pay for itself with the work I've done) but I struggle to get consistent images from it.  Much of that is down to the left AF and quirky focus issues.

It's early days with my D3 but so far it's been consistent and I'm pleased.


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