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Re: Some with my S3IS to compare...

lkk324 wrote:

Yep! That is exactly why I got it. I can't afford a big zoom lens and wouldn't want to carry all of that around anyway. I needed a camera to take on vacation and stuff like that and since I was getting another camera I wanted a good zoom! I love my dslr for my kids sports and even out in the yard for dog shots or a trip somewhere close but for vacation and carrying around all day I think its a bit much. I don't want to be changing lenses and missing shots.

Are you feeling better about the action shots now? Are you happier since you changed the colors? You can tweak that more if you want to and play with it till you like it

I don't know, while the shots do look better I still think the S3 has a crisper image (in the dog action shots). However when shooting birds I can get a much better quality image than I could with my S3 cause the zoom just didn't go as far. I am hoping this Spring to get out and get a bigger variety of situations in which to take pics to see how it does and of course the more I use it the better I will get at it.

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