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Re: More shots added from today...better imo....

dzyg wrote:

Dale Buhanan wrote:

Yes... Those do indeed look much better. Good job.

I was surprised that the camera stopped down to f7.1 and f8 though. Were you in P mode? The lens is sharpest a stop or two wider than that. Did you select those f-stops or did the camera? I notice that even though the ISO was only 80 the shutter speed was still 1/1000. So, it is certainly fast enough. That snow reflects a LOT of light doesn't it!

Anyway. I think you have got it. Have fun... The dogs certainly are!

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kind regards

Dale thanks so much for all of your help! I did have the camera in P mode so the camera picked the f-stops. Do you think switching to AV would help if I picked the fstop in these bright snow conditions? Or M so I can pick the shutter speed and fstop? The only problem with doing that is sometimes when the dogs get closer to me I try to get a more closeup of their face and then the setting wouldn't be quite right...which is why I usually pick P mode. I love taking pics of the whiter dog in the snow...she looks so good against the Summer though I have such a hard time getting a good shot of her on a sunny day cause she reflects all the light without the snowy background....sometimes she just glows, especially when she is by the black dog.

When I was scrolling through the owners manual online I thought I saw a snow setting or something like that???? Did you see that?

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