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Re: Some with my S3IS to compare...

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Hmmm they DO look brighter and a bit more crisp but maybe that is just the luck of the draw? Your dogs are adorable btw!! See what happens today. It looks like the S3 pics were from a day when it was a tad sunnier possibly???

I know its frustrating. You are like me. You want the all in one camera to do what you want when you want it. I have a kodak z950 and it takes pretty darn good action shots. I had no idea until I started messing with other cameras that you assume will do better because they are newer technology.

Post some more pics when you get them. I am eager to see if you are liking them better before I go and buy this camera!


Thats exactly it, I thought this was finally the camera but this dog action problem is bugging me to no end. That is the highlight of our long winter months to get out and take pics of the dogs running through the snow. I was happy with my S3 for these but thought a newer camera would do better. Plus I really don't want to have to use a tripod or monopod.

So far I have liked the camera for the bird pics though...

I made the sharpness/contrast etc changes, will set the ISO to auto and see what happens. I am taking my S3IS out with me too just to compare....will post more pics later today if I can or tomorrow AM.....

Ok....I hope that all helps. lemme know cuz I went and bought one while you were busy snapping pics LOL I will play with it for a few weeks and see. I need to set the colors, sharpness and contrast too cuz I know I wont like it. I need more then just a bird camera....I WANT IT ALL lol

My older camera had the same aperture so I can't imagine why this one wont work....I will try with my dog too but I am not the best at those shots with the dslr yet. Getting better tho.

Good luck!

Congrats on the new camera. If you have a DSLR did you get this camera instead of buying a more expensive zoom lens for that DSLR? Just curious. I would love a DSLR but not wanting to carry heavy lenses around. I wanted something smaller for my fanny pack to take with me everywhere. On my S3IS when I wasn't shooting dog pics I had a 1.7x teleconverter on it so it was kinda long but did fit in my fanny pack. There is a park near our home where I go every day in the non snow months (several times a day actually) and I never know what I might find there from deer to raccoons to Sandhill cranes etc so I always want a camera with me and need one with a good zoom that takes good pics. I was hoping the SX50 was that camera..time will tell I guess.

Yep! That is exactly why I got it. I can't afford a big zoom lens and wouldn't want to carry all of that around anyway. I needed a camera to take on vacation and stuff like that and since I was getting another camera I wanted a good zoom! I love my dslr for my kids sports and even out in the yard for dog shots or a trip somewhere close but for vacation and carrying around all day I think its a bit much. I don't want to be changing lenses and missing shots.

Are you feeling better about the action shots now? Are you happier since you changed the colors? You can tweak that more if you want to and play with it till you like it

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