Luv my Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II lens EXCEPT for starscapes

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Re: Maybe we could agree to disagree

Henrik Herranen wrote:

Schwany wrote:

Henrik Herranen wrote:

Schwany wrote:

It's not a good lens for this task wide open. Personally, I would not use it wide open in the starry night sky scenario. That may be because I like to be contrary, or because I know it's a bad idea with this lens. I don't think stopping it down would solve the issues this lens has at the edges of a full frame, but it might improve the odds for a better capture.

Why do you think stopping down wouldn't help? The very first post in this thread shows coma decreases when stopping down to f/2.0, and vanishes completely by f/2.8.

I'm talking about aberration (pick the correct type) in general,

I honestly don't know of which aberrations I should pick from. If you have a claim to make, please make it, and don't keep us guessing what you might or might not mean

I did make a claim (you pushed it down below), but thanks for asking for further clarification.

Of course, if you just intend to "be contrary" as you said yourself, then you've succeeded.

When I said contrary I was referring to always shooting wide open. I don't do it. Disagreeing with what I consider overly optimistic statements about the performance of this lens does not make me contrary. But whatever.

which is pronounced with this lens and doesn't go away even at f8 if an edge is distinctly sharp and contrast is high enough. I personally don't worry about the coma thing, since I don't photograph stars. And, I can see purple edges on the stars at f5.6 in the example. Maybe it's caused by my eye glasses.

The condescending "eye glasses" part was uncalled for.

It could be my eye glasses. The condescending part is projecting and reading something into the statement that isn't there.

I do see purple edges in the example image, but I've not seen such a phenomenon while using my own lens (when I still had it). I don't know where that weirdness comes from.

Pretty easy to reproduce PF, CA, or whatever the nerdy techie types want to call it with my copy, which I still have. It is obviously most pronounced when viewing in the frame where the focused DOF starts to fade, but even in a well focused image, aberrations can show up as one looks away from the center and closer to the edges of the frame. It's also real easy to reproduce in daylight scenes where there are dark tree branches against a clear blue sky.

And yes, I'm expanding on the coma issue, and going off topic I suppose, but clear disclosure is helpful for anyone looking at this lens. I hope that takes the guess work out of what I'm trying to say.

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