Your Holy Trinity of lenses

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Re: Your Holy Trinity of lenses


Canon FDn 35/f2.   The sharpest 35 I have seen, and 35mm is my preferred FL on the Nex.  At least 80% of my shots.

Canon FDn 50/1.4.  Almost as sharp, and a great lens for portraits and low light.

SEL18-55.  When I need to get a little wider or when I hand the camera to someone to take a picture.

My bag is really a quartet:  The Tamron 90/f2.8 macro.  It gives me some telephoto and goes to 1:1.

I carry the SEL 16 around because it is so small and convenient, but I find I seldom use it.  For wide shots I like to take 3-5 separate pictures and stitch them together with ICE.

Three shots with FDn 35 stitched with ICE, converted to BW in Silver Efex and LR.


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