Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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As to the sigma pulling out the sales where not high. But then for that we can blame the Olympus Lens snobs on this site and others who trashed anything that was Sigma even if there was no Olympus equivalent and the lens was very good (these snobs have subsequently buggered off to another system.) . Sigma got a bad undeserved rap on this forum it was Olympus HG/SHG or the highway.

Totally agree. It it wasn't for my Bigma, I would have bought into another system by now. Lens options are a good thing. The more, the better.

I think IMO if Olympus had released a 400mm HG lens and the 100mm Vaporware macro they would have plugged a major gap in the system and things could have been different.

Yup. I think the folks at Olympus must have believed that the 50-200 + EC-20 was a sufficient option for those wanting a 400mm equivalent lens, but it's really not. I just recently sold an EC-20 after trying it with my 50-200. My Bigma smoked it at 400mm. No contest. A Zuiko 100-400, F4-5.6 would have been awesome.

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