How do you watch your pictures?

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Couple of things to mention

Monitors have at least 2 kinds of color space:  sRGB ans ADOBE RGB, the last one is 25 % larger than the former. IPS panel have also many variations, H-IPS, S-IPS, E-IPS, AS-IPS and many more,  I am not sure which one is supposed to be best.

Screens can be calibrated either by hardwhare or by program ( graphic card ). The first one is better. Screen with ADOBE RGB and hard whare calibration will be about 2 times more expensive  than sRGB with program calibration. I have myself cheaper alternative:  Nec MultiSyncEA231wmi, that is enough for me so far.

One very good monitor today is Eizo Color Edge CX 240, just few years ago same quality costed 3 times more. Even you will not choose expensive one, can be good to have a vision of features of monitors.

95 % I see my pics on screen. I have let photo lab print copies for me, also print home smaller ones. Have done several calenders also in Internet shops and even some photobooks and bigger posters 50cm X 70cm. I look at pics mostly on screen because it doesn't cost. The one I like most is good high quality paper copy.

That was my 2 cents, jouni

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