NEX purchase dilemma - no wide aperture standard zoom?

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Re: NEX purchase dilemma - no wide aperture standard zoom?

viking79 wrote:

Yes, for now, Fuji or m4/3 are the only ones with large aperture zooms. m4/3 has an f/2.8 zoom (which is like f/3.5 on APS-C) and Fuji has the 18-55mm f/2.8-4.

Remember, f/2.8 zoom lenses are sort of against the design style of the mirrorless cameras (compact, and light). If you really want an f/2.8 zoom you might as well use an SLR.

I think you have a point. That said, the wide aperture zoom lens does not necessarily have to be as heavy as the lenses for SLRs. But as far as we want to max out the appeal of the tiny NEX form factor, the smaller the better.

Now that Adobe has LR 4.4 RC1 available, the Fuji RAW processing is a lot better too, got rid of an annoying "water color" look to some images.

I see. Probably Fuji makes a good camera. I just personally think that at this point Sony has vastly superior chips and has proved a very innovative company. I wish Canon stepped up (you see, I personally shoot with Canon cameras) and also adopted modern sensor architectures.


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