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Re: The K-01 is a spade...

Well, "extremely strong design statement" is much more judicious than "pig butt ugly," which is purely a statement of personal opinion.  I think K-01 one looks great, and I own the yellow one, and I'm sure my opinion is as valid as anyone's.  So where does that get us?

The K-01 design was in fact well executed.  If I get a second one, it will be the b&w because the black with silver is too similar to the classic camera scheme, which the K-01 did not set out to be.  In for a penny, in for a pound, which is why I went with yellow to start.

With respect to the rubber flap, Pentax internal design has long had the SD slot on the right side.   Big expense with cascading effects to change even such a small internal parameter.  The wraparound rubber cover would have been interrupted by the typical plastic door.  Far from being silly and fragile -- and this is a big point that I hope squelches everyone about the flap issue (including Kai at DigitalRevCom) -- the rubber SD cover is effective in both form and function, and robust.  Let me repeat ROBUST.  The only way that the flap will fail is if it is literally ripped from the camera by accident.  Many plastic SD "doors" with tiny plastic hinges no doubt get broken by accident, so they have no advantage on that point, maybe less.  As for external design, the flap allows the ribbed rubber cover to enfold the entire camera without interruption, and, very obviously to anyone who owns one (JoeDaBassPlayer knows what I mean), the selection of materials and the design of the small notches that hold the flap it place were spot on.  If you find the flap hard to close, you probably can't zip your own pants.  If you own the camera and have any sense of design engineering whatsoever (I do), you can readily see a very successful solution of the SD door problem within the K-01's internal and external parameters.

So, to Pentax engineer who actually executed on the drawing table Newson's idea for the cover to fully wrap the camera -- WELL DONE!  Those who criticized the flap have zero sense of design, materials, and parts engineering.  And no, the K-01 doesn't need a traction rest for the thumb on the back, and the "grip" doesn't need to be any deeper either.

Finally, I daresay that few people ever noticed that the ribbing on the cover matches the ribbed milling of the knobs.  The design is in fact very well integrated with itself in ways on which its hand-off detractors have proven themselves entirely clueless from design and engineering standpoints.

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