Sigma dp3m short impressions

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a series of very doubtful assertions

HBowman wrote:

Yes of course, anyone will use it the way they prefer it, with VF or not.

well no, in this case they are not many options. As I said before , the lack of an EVF is going to more of an issue on the dp3m than on the other two DPm's

For my use this focal is not that long, after all, to shoot without VF. One of my most used portrait lens on my Nikons is a
Nikkor AF 180mm f/2.8 ED IF that I use hand-held around 1/100 so this tiny 75 equivalent doesn't frighten me. It really depend how steady you are.

I bet most of your images are not as sharp as they ought to be .this assertion simply does not stand real evidence

For the bokeh, well... this is an f2.8 APS-C bokeh. We can't expect more out of this combo, even though the bokeh, as well as the DP2m, is far more pleasing at f3.2 than f2.8. I do not know why, maybe a blade configuration at 2.8 ... I dunno. It react like the exceptional Pentax smc 43mm F1.9 Limited, the character of the lens, bokeh/contrast/saturation is very similar, a little less warm but similar. But the DP3m lens is far more sharper at all aperture.

more blah-blah on the bokeh. I am not sure how one could see the difference between such two apertures. anyway in most cases , 2.8 is going to be plenty DOF. this is only the forum bloggers who keep going on and on about that bokeh stuff

Real photographers are more concerned by the performance of the bokeh at max aperture and the tonal reproduction of the lens


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