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Re: The K-01 is a spade...

chillgreg wrote:

1. Enjoying this thread very much. I'm a closet Pentax fan since I was a kid using Dad's MV1.

2. Some very valid points made. Why not request an official reply from the DPR Editor?

DPReview's official position is always that they can do no wrong.

3. I can tell you (theories aside) why the K-01 is not a commercial success. It is pig, butt ugly. It's so horrendous that I actually laughed when I first saw it. And not just the design. The finish, the colours, the materials. What the ____ were they smoking when this abomination was approved???

You are exaggerating. The design is not inspiring, but it's not horrendous, either. The finish - it's quite well made, actually; and the build quality is very good (except for the annoying rubber covers). The colours - nobody forces you to go with the yellow (which isn't that bad looking, either); too bad they haven't made a full-black one. The materials, are the cheap plastic MILCs better than the solid K-01's construction? One touch is enough to feel  the answer.

It appears to me you only saw the camera in pictures, and only the yellow one.

Sorry I know that matters little to some that value function over form, but whether Pentax was trying to set a trend, or follow one (?), they missed the mark by the proverbial mile...

Indeed, the market won't easily accept something different.

Otherwise obviously its a superb camera, and I hope it comes to light what is going on with Fuji, DPR and the press. Something smells fishy...



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