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The K-01 is a spade...

1. Enjoying this thread very much. I'm a closet Pentax fan since I was a kid using Dad's MV1.

2. Some very valid points made. Why not request an official reply from the DPR Editor?

3. I can tell you (theories aside) why the K-01 is not a commercial success. It is pig, butt ugly.  It's so horrendous that I actually laughed when I first saw it. And not just the design. The finish, the colours, the materials. What the ____ were they smoking when this abomination was approved???

Sorry I know that matters little to some that value function over form, but whether Pentax was trying to set a trend, or follow one (?), they missed the mark by the proverbial mile...

Otherwise obviously its a superb camera, and I hope it comes to light what is going on with Fuji, DPR and the press. Something smells fishy...


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