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Re: I understood exactly what you meant

Na.. I wasn't going to re-word it. It is true that I haven't thought much about the APS-C / 35mm tradeoff for a few years but now having been more or less chided into revisiting the issue, I still have the same opinion. That "L" glass gets a red ring for a reason.  That 10-22 doesn’t have one for a reason -- is not the quality of lens that the 16-35 is, it isn't sealed, it isn't ruggedized and it isn't 2.8 either.  It doesn’t measure out as well either (for those that care about such things).  And then there are the primes, the TS-E lenses, etc.  You can mount them all on an APS-C but they won't work the same.

At the end of the day, having shot 35mm since my college days (starting with a AE1 and an A1 and later a pair of Elan-7e’s) I have an inherent gut feel for how a particular FL lens behaves on a 35mm camera, I always missed that.  I never quite got used to thinking that a 15-85 about like a 24-135. In my case, I have both a 5DIII and a 50D (my wife's camera), so I have both worlds covered. If I want a bit more reach for my 70-200 at the air show (for example) I borrow her camera.

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