X20 another ISO1600-12800 test

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Mark H
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Have to disagree...

Absolutic wrote:

Now, the caveat, these are I think not at as challenging light as the German guy's test before.

Looking at these at 100%, they are clean and perfectly useable at ISO100-800 and ISO1600 is useable with noise reduction. Even at ISO1600, the details in writing etc, are still there. ISO800 is very clean for point-and-shoot. ISO3200 and above are unusable in my opinion.


I have to disagree...

There appears to be a fairly significant amount of noise and noise-reduction; at all ISOs.

Even at ISO-200 there is easily noticeable black spotting visible in the shadow tones, and this gets progressively worse as ISO increases.

As for "...ISO100-800 and ISO1600 is useable with noise reduction" - well Fuji have applied a lot of noise reduction already, although I dare say this NR could be increased (at the cost of further loss of detail).

I also notice that much of the out of focus areas have a 'misty glass' speckle characteristic.

Whether this is acceptable to individuals, and/or comparable to similar sensor size cameras I guess only the detailed test reviews will show - but right now I'm somewhat disappointed.

Based on what I've seen to date, it looks to me like Fuji's claims, re improved noise etc, may well amount to very little, or nothing at all, or worse.

Not terrible, but disappointing.

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