Using sync cord activates F43AM test mode

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Re: Using sync cord activates F43AM test mode

howmanyds wrote:

I'm trying (for the first time) to use my F43am with a pc sync cord, using a pixel hot shoe adapter, with either my a33 or a77. For some reason when I take some shots, the first one activates the test mode on the flash, whether I have it set to 3 strobes, 1 strobe or 5 second continuous, then the subsequent shots don't do anything to the flash for about ten seconds until it activates the test again. I've tried different shooting modes, both manual and automatic, and have put in fresh batteries into the flash. Am I missing a setting somewhere? All I've used the flash for so far has been in Sony's wireless mode.


I think you are having trouble getting a response because we need more info.  I don't have a 43 (42 & 58), so I thought it was just me.

What do you mean by 'test mode' on the flash?  What is "3 strobes, 1 strobe or 5 second continuous"?  Again, maybe I just don't know about the 43.

I'm guessing that you are firing the flash multiple times at high power and it just needs to recharge the capacitor to be ready to fire again???

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Some would have you believe that having to adapt to new technology is a workaround, but having adapted to old technology is photography.

Test mode is a button that simply lights the flash in one of three settings, either a single, triple, or continuous burst. I don't really know what the single or triple bursts would be useful for, but I leave it on continuous so I can press the test button when positioning the flash so I can see how the subject will be illuminated.

If I happen to have the setting on single burst then the flash will work seemingly normal when I press the shutter. If I have it on either triple or continuous then that's what I get when I press the shutter. Note: this setting in the f43 should operate independently of the regular flash. It's not a flash setting; it's a test setting.

I also noticed that TTL doesn't work: I have to set power manually. Is that standard with any pc sync connection on the a77 or just one that goes into a foot adapter as I have on my f43?

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