First impressions of A850 (compared to A99)

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Re: First impressions of A850 (compared to A99)

Thanks for the comments from both of you. It does help some.

I tend to be do most of my picture tacking of my two daughters. I frequently find myself inside in low light. Because of this I tend to use my flash with the a77 a lot.

I have the Sony 50 f1.4, Minolta 28mm f2, Tokina 300mmf2.8 and the Minolta 28-135mm f4-4.5 as my primary lenses.

One of the reasons I thought about the a850 is that I could then use the 50 f1.4 as my primary lens in place of the 28 f2. This combined with the high iso advantage of the a850 should allow me to get rid of my flash in most situations.

I think I may pursue the a850 as I should be able to get it cheep enough that I could resell it on ebay and make a profit if I don't like it.

The one thing about the a850 is that I use the rear LCD alot on my a77 for framing pics.

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