NEX-7 First impressions from an X100 user

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Re: NEX-7 First impressions from an X100 user

@Photozopia thanks, the "magic" is something i wouldnt be expecting from the Nex's, especially since landscape and UWA are a place where im fine with solid raw details and DR in my raw files. I enjoy spending time in post and ive read the raws from nex6-7 are great for landscape work (though im still concerned with the N7 and the 10-18 with magenta/cast issues).

I plan on carrying the x100 for those shots where I love the 35mm range but would really enjoy the flexibility of a 6/7 with the 10-18 for UWA as well as ability to leverage telephotos with my nikon lens if needed.

Has sony released a cable release for the Nex6? i cant seem to find one online. I read that the infrared is only from the front, so that would be a waste IMO. im a big fan of long exposures, so being able to control camera shake and firing would be essential. (also is AEB an issue? not sure if the release cables for Nex's allow exposure bracketing)


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