4:3 vs 3:2 Aspect ratio

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Re: 4:3 vs 3:2 Aspect ratio

Image quality is not an issue here.  And, while many have preference for one aspect ratio over others, you always need to keep the ultimate use (and crop) in mind when you shoot.  There is always a need to anticipate this, otherwise you will find yourself short of one dimension or another sooner or later.  With that said, the odds of having to crop out something vital when printing are less likely with 4:3 than with other OM-D aspect ratios.  That is one reason I have always used that when I had the option.  (Another reason is experience with medium format.)  But if you will routinely process into a 16:9 crop, you might have problems with the upper or lower area of a 4:3.  My uses for photos do not run to 16:9 crops, so not a problem for me.  Just assess what you will do with processed shots and then choose and frame accordingly.

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