Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

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Re: Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

If you are looking for excellent sharpness in the corners of a 20x30 or 24x36 print, you probably shouldn't be shooting DX in the first place.

The max aperture of the 16-85 isn't the best for the shallow depth of field one likes for portrait use, but the buyer should understand that before buying.

I have the 18-70, and I believe I was lucky to get a particularly good copy.  Optically, my 16-85 is the equal of my 18-70, but I wanted the 16-85 for 2 important characteristics.  First, I wanted the wider field of view, equivalent to 24 mm on film instead of 28 mm.  Second, I wanted, actually needed, the VR (arthritis).  For scenic use and closeups the 16-85 has been everything I wanted.  I have 16x20 prints that look very good at close range, and that's all I can ask of the lens.

Sorry, no personal experience with the 18-105.

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