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Re: What really surprises me is that the Q

Edgar Matias wrote:

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Edgar Matias wrote:

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Is virtually almost the same as the mx-1. I was expecting the mx-1 to have a somewhat significant better color sensitivity Once again says a lot for how efficient the Q sensor is.

That won't change until Sony (or Toshiba) release a better sensor. Give it another year or two.

Well I thought the MX-1/XZ-2/Nikon whatever latest, all included a new Sony sensor.

I believe they all use the same generation of sensor as the Pentax Q -- or perhaps even a generation behind. As you can see below, the Q sensor has the highest DxOMark score per unit area of any of the sensors currently available (orange line), beating even the RX100 sensor. Until Sony scales that tech up to larger sizes, you probably won't see a change.

Hmm.. the RX100 sensor came after the Q's. So did this new batch of 1/1.7''s. So I dunno.


Add few more high grade lenses for the Q mount and Pentax will have a really nice, small, and relatively affordable, small-sensor camera system. A macro and a fast portrait lens would do it for me.

I think you can have a portrait lens now in the 06, but would be nice if the upcoming telephoto macro was really fast so you could get a nice bokeh at the more or less 90mm equivalent focal length it is supposed to come out with. Maybe an F1.2? Would be great.

I haven't used the 06, so I don't know. They didn't have it on display in the Pentax booth at CES, so I didn't get to try it. All that money spent on booth real estate, and no one at Pentax thought to show the most interesting lens they have for the Q. Go figure.

Anyway, I agree that a fast macro would be great, but macro lenses are rarely fast. They usually come in at f/2.8 or slower.

An 18mm f/1.2 (100mm-e) would be a perfect portrait lens for the Q, but something like a 20mm f/1.7, or a 23mm f/2 (like on the X100) would also be good, and easier to make (and cheaper). If it's a little longer, it can be slower and still deliver the goods.

Well FWIW, here's the 06 doing a portrait. I could have done even shallower DOF if I stepped back and zoomed in more but it was a very "on the moment shot."

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