Epson R3000 not making me happy

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Re: Epson R3000 not making me happy
he same error message that I was getting last night:

"The paper source selected in the printer driver does not match the paper loaded in the machine. To print on paper, remove the CD/DVD tray or thick paper, then close the front manual feed tray."

The front tray IS closed. The paper choice is set at Cold Press Natural. The profile is set as Cold Press Natural.

This is exactly what happened last night, I continued on to print and the print came out bad. I even reloaded the printer drivers, rebooted everything and the same thing happened.

Must that paper be printed through the front loader? Is it really that thick?

I never use any other path onany of my printers even for 320 gram papers.

Stupid question but you did asign the front loader on the driver right? I knwo you did but I had to ask.

Try printing through the top feeder. Switch to it in the driver, and feed it through the top. If the driver allows you to.

Yes, paper is very thick. And yes, front loader is set everywhere. The fine art paper is absolutely supposed to be fed in front, no way on top:

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