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The default settings on the SX50 produce fairly bland, low contrast images to increase the dynamic range and avoid blowing the highlights. To get more pop out of the camera, you want to go into the My Colors menu (func button) and scroll all the way to the end to custom color. Hit DISP to select it and then put contrast +1, sharpness +1, Saturation +1, skin color -1. Leave everything else alone. That should give more pop to you shots. That is how I set my camera up for the same reason. Canon gave us these menues to adjust the camera for how we like it.

It will also be useful for you to set ISO to auto. The camera is intelligent and it will keep it low if it can, but it will increase if needed to get a good shot. Most of the time this works very well.

I am totally not finding the "custom color" in my colors. I scrolled through and I have the vivid, sepia, b&w, neutral, vivdr vivdb vividg vivid and some other but no custom.....what am i doing wrong????

Hi Lisa.

It is the very last icon on the right. It has that big C on it nxt to the one with the big R for vivid red. When you highlight it, it says "Custom Color" In the middle of the screen. Do you see it now?

I'm there and there is no C.....grrrrr it just goes right back to the beginning at vivid. I swear Im not totally illiterate here lol

Do you have any form of RAW enabled?

I don't believe so. Im guessing that needs to be done eh? I figured it was something I wasn't doing. Is that somewhere in settings too.....i will hunt for it.

No--- For this to work you need to be in jpg only. RAW stops it from working.

Well, now it is my turn to be utterly puzzled. I have not been able to duplicate tha situation on my camera no matter what I tried. If I can see vivid red, the next one to it on the right is custom color. I have found no way to see vivid red and have custom color turn off. You have me puzzled. I cannot think of any way what you see could happen.

I think at this point, since you camera is new... I would try a reset to factory defaults and try again. If you still can't see it... perhaps I would go get a new camera.

You are in P mode or one of the other creative modes, right??

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