The power of the powershot

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Re: The power of the powershot

Peter, I had one of these, it wasn't that impressive.  Focus was off on the sides (not just corners) and significant noise suppression processing appears at ISO 400, the kind that impacts the picture at a normal size, not just that which offends pixel peepers but is otherwise unoffensive.  I've since tried a couple Sony Cybershots and the lens is much better (G lens) and the sensor/processor just seems to work better, the picture being sharper edge to edge with less noise and greater detail.  I think Canon is seriously behind the curve on P&S cameras, at least at the 500 HS generation.  Even my Fuji F20 did better, except for the ubiquitous purple fringing it shares with the Canons.

And aside from IQ, the touch screen on this particular model was a deal breaker.  Interaction with the camera was far too slow and indefinite, even when the screen recorded every touch and motion correctly.

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