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Photography basics.......

vellagio wrote:

Hi guys. I'm pretty dissapointed with my new e-pm1 performance. Especially now when a friend of mine bought himself some kind of canon point and shoot camera which makes better pictures.

I'm not satisfied with the colours of the pictures. They look like they're taken with my cell phone camera, far away from what an interchangeable lenses camera should do.

Anyway, I'm sending you 2 pictures that I took in very same conditions and where I find quite a difference in the sky colours and I don't understand why is that.

Now, as you can see there are huge differences in the pictures where I used same settings. Just the aperture and the shutter speed are a little bit different, but not significantly I think(correct me if I'm mistaken) The saturation is -1; contrast +1 and sharpness -2

The first two photo's differ in exposure by about 1/2 F stop.

Both are over exposed.

This happens in bright sun unless  you use spot metering or select an appropriate scene.

So 1/ the colours in the second photo are really nice and I really like it. In the first one they are some kind of "washed"

2/ the lightning of the building behind is much better in the second photo even that they are in front of the sun

3/ that annoys me the most - the sky colour. Thah happens most of the time, in clear and sunny weather. The sky looks a little gray instead the second picture

Generally the first picture looks like the sun is covered by the clouds and there is no direct sun light. That happens most of my pictures and really annoys me and makes me wanna throw my camera. The second photo looks really nice generally. And I'm asking you: what makes the difference of two almost identical photos, taken with same settings, which look completely different. What should I do to take photos like the second one?

I'm sending you also a picture of the same scene with my frind's camera

Everything looks better in this photo although even this one doesn't look perfect to me but this is other thing.

This exposure differs (lower) by about two F stops from yours. The camera metered for the water which wasn't as dark as the scene your camera metered.  Also, the photographer didn't dial in + 0.3 EV like you did to make the exposure even worse.

Thanks in advance.

Please understand, respectfully that u 4/3 cameras are designed for amature photographers-not beginers.  You have to understand things like exposure, effect of backlighting and exposure compensation if you are going to take the camera off i_Auto.

It is obvious form the above that you do not understand those things.

So, leave the camera on i-Auto or select a scene (e.g. Beach/Snow) or dedicate yourself to learning about  basic photography.

Take a class, read a book, etc.

If you don't want to take a class, a  good place to start is Kodak's How to take Better Photographs.


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