How much memory can customer add to !7 inch Imac

Started May 13, 2003 | Discussions thread
DanF. Regular Member • Posts: 455
Re: How much memory can customer add to !7 inch Imac

I also read that 1GB modules (not sure if they are available yet) will also work.
I have the 512 in mine, for a total of 768. Photoshop seems to run well.

James Babb wrote:
One slot is not user accessible, one is. Adding ram is easy.

If it comes with 256MB, you could add another 512MB.

Cheep RAM is OK as long as you have a lifetime warranty.

NorthBayBill wrote:

On the Imac I understand part of the added memory can only be
accessed by Apple. If I went with standard configuration (256 K
how much can I add on my own? Can the memory be be purchased from
any decent manufacturer. I want to use it with photoshop.

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