How to darken a monitor that is too bright

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Re: How to darken a monitor that is too bright

Alandb wrote:

I should have been more specific. I have a Spyder 3 puck. I am using Basiccolor Display 5 but find this software cumbersome as I get frequent error messages and hard to get it to validate.

The Spyder3 does not do well with wide gamut monitor, at least mine did not.
For a better calibration some tricks may help, but you still need good light to illuminate your prints... See my previus post.

The trick is:
-Download and Install(only install, do not need to run) Quato Icolor Display
-Download and install Argyll+DispcalGUI
-Import the correction matrix the way you see at here

After importing the correction matrix for Spyder 3 from Icolor, set dispcalGUI like the image below and calibrate one of the monitor presets like the Standard, Adobe or sRGB(can change dispcalGUI from gamma to sRGB), the monitor Custom Color preset is bad, look here.

BTW, uninstall Datacolor software and Icolor after importing the correction matrix as you do not have the license to run and we only wanted the correction matrix for Spyder 3 to *TRY* to work with wide gamut monitor. Here I only got a really good result with X-rite i1Display/Munki.

Maybe you have a better luck with the Spyder 3...

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