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Re: Sample ISO 100 portrait shot - showing lens Bokeh

HBowman wrote:

One River wrote:

Thanks for writing this up!

I'm not a huge fan of the bokeh in that picture, looks a little sharp and jagged to me. May just get this camera if other samples look better. If not, I'll get the DP2m.

And you think the same shoot at the same aperture with the DP2m will output a better bokeh ??

No, I don't think that and didn't post that.

I think you should listen to the one who owned the entire line of sigma DSLR and DP. Fact is that the DP3m output a better bokeh at all aperture, very close to the same result you can have with the 85 f1.4 HSM at 2.8 on the SD1; period/

Yes, I get that.

Sharp and jagged ... wow

Yes, that's how I see it. Prefaced, of course, by my statement that this is only one picture. I'm patient for more.

I was thinking the DP3m may be a nice portrait camera. To do that, I would want a little bit more of a pleasing bokeh. On the other hand, I know the DP2m would be a great normal lens camera, so I would elect that camera instead. It's about using what is affordable. I can't do both, and my post shouldn't have been interpreted as a knock.

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