Where is infinity?

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Re: Where is infinity?

Of course none of this answers, or is even relevant, to the OP's question which pertains to the marking on the lens or its maximum position.

Don't know where you studied your math, but in Euclidean Geometry, the most commonly taught, parallel lines never meet. This is a function of his 5th Postulate,. The mathematic definition of infinity, as related to distance, defines it as a point beyond the furthest point--in other words, it has no position in space as it is always beyond the furthest possible.

Euclid himself was aware of the problems created by his 5th postulate and worked on solutions, unsuccessfully. Other mathematicians took up the challange and developed diverging and converging 5th postulates. If interested further go to your local college and enroll in a course entitled "Modern Geometry".

Of course all these are creations based on incomplete knowledge of the shape of the universe itself which will ultimately be the determining factor.

In terms of OPTICS you are correct in stating it is defined by parallel rays of light as the Principal Focus or a lens is defined as the point where the lens causes parallel light rays to cross.  Perhaps this is what you are referring to and I am simply misundertanding your statement.

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