Epson R3000 not making me happy

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Re: Epson R3000 not making me happy

sambucadog wrote:

PS: ICC profiles are all downloaded from the Epson site, used with matching paper. I have not had a chance to make Colormunki profiles yet, was hoping the Epson ones would be good enough.

Are they the so called Premium Profiles for their Sig line?

One suggestion for you. Click on replly with quote so we can keep track on what has been discussed.

I will be gone all day tomorrow shooting a job but will be back online in the eve.

Do that simple test print first letting the printer contol color and Adobe RGB!!!

Then we will tacke printing out of LR or PS.

I also have made videos covering how to create Profiles with the CM in case you are interested in viewing them before going through the process.


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