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Anesh Pather wrote:

would like to buy a 6D and a Powershot from this store online. I will use UPS shipping. Can I rely on this store for quick shipping and UPS tracking? Usually buy from B&H.


Just happened on this thread by chance. Stick to B&H Photo is the short version. Long version is someone asked the same thing and i even called. If understand 42 nd street sells grey market on line. When I called and you should do the same ask. Their is a difference between a USA warrantee and the manufactures. So Casio USA, Nikon USA, Canon USA, Panasonic USA warrantee.

I believe they call it retail packaging or something like that. Another flag is when I called when I said I wanted to think and be an informed consumer they immediately dropped the price again.

I am almost certain if you have any issues it will be difficult to resolve. My personal feeling is this business will take your money faster than return it to you of you have issues what ever they are.

B&H is pretty much the standard and trusted as you know. Penny wise and pound foolish IMO apply with 42nd street and the upfront savings and I do not even think they are actually located on 42nd street if I recall.

Watch out for the deluxe kit scam when they say you have to buy this to get quicker shipping and the battery charger or some BS. Be very aware of the shipping fee, many times they recover some of the savings.  I also recall they have a very short return period.

Last, many of these camera stores will be closed for religious holidays the end of March so plan wisely. Stick to B&H I have never had any problems and did not feel I was talking to a "slick used car salesmen like I did with 42nd street.

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