Epson R3000 not making me happy

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Re: Epson R3000 not making me happy

sambucadog wrote:

Is that profile for one of the Sig Worthy Papers?

Yes it is

If I may suggest a simple test.

Download this file

Do NOT edit it in any way

Open it with Windows Picture viewer and print it to common glossy Epson Paper letting the printer control color,

Just chose the paper type and size and quality/ Under the MODE choose Adobe RGB

Print it

Are you saying just to print the test chart or do everything stated on the link you provided.?

Does it have to be glossy? Changing from mat to glossy and back uses a lot of the ink, which seems to be disappearing anyway at an alarming rate.

Yes only the file. Then print it on Matte so you do not go through the ink change.

Now in LR inside the print module on the left side, under printer setup set it up to Paper type, Size, Quality and turn off color management in MODE tab.

On the right side locate and CHECK the box for the profile for the paper you are using. Choose Perceptual intent.

Now before printing, go back to the develop module and click on the S key which will give you a Soft Proofed view of what it will look like when printed with those settings and that ICC profile.

You should be able to see some slight changes but if you are seeing the drastic results you are actually getting when printing than something is just not right.

You should only see some changes such as slightly reduced contrast and saturation but not the drastic change you are currently getting.

Please explain to me what this is going to determine and how I would apply it to my situation, I don't understand.

What it will determine is that the printer all on it's own is printing correctly and not due to anything else such as the Photo editor or your settings! Usually this is first thing you should do the minute your printer is installed. Then you will eliminate the printer as being the culprit if anything does not look right down the road.

When I soft proofed the test page, there was a lot out of gamut.

What is that profile you quoted previously? This you create it, or is it from EPSON?

Whatever you see out of gamut will not print! The printer will compress the out of gamut tones and values and attempt to fit them inside the color gamut that your printer can reproduce.

What paper are you using and are you then also using a MATCHING profile or one you made with your CM?

I have not printed it yet. When I soft proofed the horseshoe crab, all was in gamut. I am not seeing the connection to why my printer is apparently not seeing the ICC profile (or using it)

Your printer will NEVER see or USE the ICC profile. The Editing software is watch uses ICC profiles to tell the printer HOW to reproduces as well as it can handle, the tones and values from your image. That's why you turn off color management at the printer driver level. You DO NOT want the printer to interfere with the commands that software, LR or OS is sending to the printer..... THROUGH the ICC profile for the paper you are using.

So Print that image I sent the link for. Use Matte paper setting as your paper choice. Print to a Matte type paper and set the driver to either enhanced matte or dual sided matted, Quality 4 or 5 and Adobe RGB in the MODE.

Send it from the WINDOWS Picture Viewer NOT LR or PH. It should print correctly. Then come back.

and also why my ink levels are crashing.

As I mentioned earlier, your first set of carts will go fast. There is a lot of plumbing to keep filled.

Thanks for your patience, I'm not a very techy person!

No Problem, we are here to help.

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