nozzle check Epson 3880

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Re: nozzle check Epson 3880

Danny Michael wrote:

I print from the 3880 maybe once a week and I do not turn it off. I do have a Tumi cover on it since my dog is a shedder.

The 9880 gets used every day and clogs at least every other day. It is also on all the time, but does not have a cover on it. I hate the 9880, love the 3880.

Oh, and sorry to the OP. I didn't mean to sidetrack your thread. I was just curious why you would run nozzle checks so often. I see now that I am in the minority by not running them. To each his own.

I run a 9890 and a 3880. I run a nozzle check everyday on the 9890, I can't remember ever doing a nozzle check on the 3880. There is so little ink used for a nozzle check, and I know I should do one on the 3880, but it just prints without a problem.

Brian A

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