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Re: Coyotes

Bob Blount wrote:

This is my last last on this forum, which is in my recent experience, is the classic flaming and the rest of the five pages arguing about the initial flame job.

Ooo. Sorry to hear that.

Early on some 11 years ago, it was common for a thread to be high-jacked for committing the cardinal sin of misspelling a word.

I've noticed that, and some other unnecessary things, a few times even in the short time I've been on DPR. Those comments/individuals are in the small minority IMO and I just gloss over them. They shouldn't detract from, or overshadow the positive people and their contributions in the majority of threads/posts.

Bye not buying it,

I hope you find the good on these forums outweighs the 'bad' and decide stick around.



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