Epson R3000 not making me happy

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Re: Epson R3000 not making me happy

jtoolman wrote:

sambucadog wrote:

sorry, that was of course chosen 1st.

In Lightroom under Color Management on the right in the Print module the profile is correct...SPR3000 CPN MKv1, intent Relative.

No print adjustment

Is there somewhere else to choose the profile that I am missing?

Is that profile for one of the Sig Worthy Papers?

If I may suggest a simple test.

Download this file

Do NOT edit it in any way

Open it with Windows Picture viewer and print it to common glossy Epson Paper letting the printer control color,

Just chose the paper type and size and quality/ Under the MODE choose Adobe RGB

Print it

It should print pretty much perfectly.

Now in LR inside the print module on the left side, under printer setup set it up to Paper type, Size, Quality and turn off color management in MODE tab.

On the right side locate and CHECK the box for the profile for the paper you are using. Choose Perceptual intent.

Now before printing, go back to the develop module and click on the S key which will give you a Soft Proofed view of what it will look like when printed with those settings and that ICC profile.

You should be able to see some slight changes but if you are seeing the drastic results you are actually getting when printing than something is just not right.

You should only see some changes such as slightly reduced contrast and saturation but not the drastic change you are currently getting.


If Lightroom is showing SPR3000 CPN Mk1V as the profile I would be checking that that is actually the valid Paper ICC Profile you have made.

If you made your own profile for the paper, assume a ColorMunki I do not think that is a label  extension it would use...or is it? and I would be using Perceptual as rendering intent

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