Does anyone here have the RX100 to go with your NEX?

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Re: Finger straps are great

Glad to see there is some remedial action to be had from a body design that is so negligently slick and rounded it almost guarantees a future drop on a very expensive camera. I love my NEX7 and would consider this to be an excellent candidate for a backup; but since bouncing a Canon s90 on the concrete a while back, I am very conscious of keeping expensive camera toys in hand.

Unfortunately, I've been the recipient of a wrist reconstruction operation and my dominant hand is not what it used to be, hence my love for the design of the NEX and it's wonderful hand grip.

If I get a 100, It will be the recipient of some kind of grip enhancing tape that allows for a more secure purchase of the body. In addition to tape, there is a rubberized paint one can use to put, for example, a rubberized grip on a metal tool by simply spraying on the material. There is also one that involves dipping which would not be appropriate for cameras for obvious reasons.. I think that might work with some judicious masking off of the camera parts you don't want to cover.

I just do not understand how someone designs a $600 camera with  severely rounded sides and a smooth slippery body.

It seems like using the stick on hand grip manufactured for this camera is a minimum reasonable precaution to take

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