Nex-7 black screen surface wearing off.

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Re: Nex-7 black screen surface wearing off.

The screen has a very thin frame and actually protrudes ever so slightly beyond it, so if the camera rubs against your clothing it's pretty much inevitable that the coating will get rubbed away. Mine has been going progressively from the lower left corner, which is probably typical for a right hander.

My Canon D60's screen has a much thicker frame and is slightly recessed within it, so it doesn't get rubbed around the edges. I don't imagine that the coating is vastly different with the Sony, it's just a trade-off in trying to fit a large screen in a small space, which necessitates the very thin frame and leaves the screen exposed to rubbing at the edges.

Actually the coating doesn't seem to make much difference to the image's viewability. I don't think it would matter too  much if it rubbed off entirely.

Geoff Bryant

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