Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Re: One simple reason why it will probably never happen

Marty4650 wrote: "One simple reason why it will probably never happen"

Are you seriously saying Olympus executives lied saying that camera is going to be released this year? That would assume that there are hundreds employees inside Olympus knowing that there is nothing in works and going along with a lie. That never ends well - why would Mr. Terada and others make such claims that would surely result in the end of their career

The potential market for an E7 is minuscule. Even smaller than the market for the E5 was.

If Olympus devotes any effort to creating a new 4/3 flagship camera, then it will only appeal to the remaining diehard 4/3 users. In other words, people like me. And our numbers are dwindling every day that Olympus keeps postponing and dragging their feet on this.

That's one assumption. Here is another: ever since certain statement about body coming this year, our numbers stopped dwindling, as the sanest thing to do is to wait a few months and see what transpires. Making expensive move to switch the system right before the release - how does it make sense? For most, 3 years between flagship releases is just fine, and we are on schedule for exactly that.

At it's peak, 4/3 had perhaps a 7% share of the DSLR market. Of that 7% perhaps one in seven (1%) would even consider buying a $2,000 camera. Today, that 7% is probably down to less than 4%, so you can see how small the market potential of a new 4/3 flagship might be.

Reasons for issuing a camera for these people have been discussed many times here.

If Olympus had any plans to drop an OM-D sensor into an E5 body, then they could have done this a year ago, simultaneous with the release of the OM-D. If this was their plan then it should have been done quickly, and not after more users switch to other brands.

Very true, and that most likely indicates that their plan has been different all along. Different sensor than EM-5? Some more tech goodies? Something else entirely? We will know in a few months.

If that turns out merely an E-5 with OMD sensor, I will be first to express disappointment, not by the camera itself but by meaningless delay.

So why even bother to create one more 4/3 DSLR, especially one that would only have appeal to existing users and have zero appeal to new users? The only reason I can think of is to toss your most faithful customers one more bone, just to keep them from whining so much.

Why such diminishing language? Why not "providing those customers with updated camera they want and waited for?"

If you have noticed Olympus has dropped hints that they are working on a solution for using 4/3 lenses with faster AF. The optimistic folks think this means a new 4/3 DSLR is in the works, but it might just mean that are simply trying to create a M4/3 camera that can do PDAF with 4/3 lenses. After all, every single 4/3 camera ever made already has "fast AF with 4/3 lenses."

OK, this part I can't understand exactly as many times as I read it, over and over. If this new body is mirrorless, or some kind of hybrid, or something entirely new - as long as it supports our lenses AF and ergonomics wise, who cares whether it's pure DSLR or not??

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