The Boulangerie...a Hopper-esque photo with E-M5

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You'll love the OM-D and the 17mm 1.8. I have the 12mm, 45mm, and 75mm in addition to the 17mm. I took them all to Paris (we just returned) ...the 17mm 1.8 never came off the camera!

My first SLR was a Minolta SRT 101 back in 1970. I moved on to Nikons in the 80's and in 2000 on to Canons since at the time they were the leaders in digital photography. Pretty soon my camera bag was too cumbersome to take where I most wanted to take photos. I wised up to the notion that "the best camera in the the one you have with you  So, I sold all of my Canon gear and switched to Pentax, a smaller system which I still own and use and like a lot . I bought an Olympus Pen-EP3 to downsize further. When I first held the OM-D I knew It would be my go to camera. The main complaint of all Pentax owners is slow autofocus. The OMD is lightning fast to autofocus unless you're shooting sporting events, for which you really need one of the behemoths.

You should consider the HLD-6 battery grip if only to use the grip portion (I don't use the battery pack). The grip half greatly improves the handling characteristics IMO, and adds little to the weight and size.

I envy you for where you live! I spent 10 days in New Zealand several years ago and would say it's the only place in the world (I've traveled a lot) where I could spend the rest of my days other than the US. It's just so far away from our kids and grandkids  And, I couldn't choose between the north island and the south island.

Thanks again for your ongoing commentary! Good shooting!

Best regards,


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