Farewell, Olympus :(

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Re: Farewell, Olympus :(

High there,

A dying system? Not for me.

The other brands you mention are great photographic tools and when they are in good hands they are able to make great pictures too. But ofcourse you need the same high quality glass. To start again and invest in a new 'living' system with another brand cost you a lot of money and you loose a lot selling used products.

But it's always nice to buy a new camera and if possible, the latest, newest camera on the market. But be aware that just buying a good camera is not enough, you have to invest in high quality lenses too. And be aware within six moths, you have an 'old' camera too and just after a year you have an obsolete camera which belongs to the dinosaur era.

That is what the camera industry wants us to think. I do not fall in this trap. I still have some great 'old' pictures and slides made with the so called old analog cameras. And I have great pictures made with 'old' 1.5 or 5 megapixel cameras which. And I still can with those photo tools.

Olympus is still alive and kicking (in my hands). You can still buy new lenses, new E-5's and do not forget the second hand market is a paradise. Recently Olympus anounced (once again) that they support the 43-system and we can expect a new 43-camera.



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