Nikon 18-105mm kit worth it? Or is it better to go body only?

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Re: Nikon 18-105mm kit worth it? Or is it better to go body only?

inlawbiker wrote:

So I'm going to buy another copy of the 18-105 and compare them directly, if that doesn't work I'm going with the 16-85mm.

I'm replying to myself as a message to the people of the future, in case anybody reads this later on.  I did end up buying another 18-105mm refurbished.  I figure a refurbished lens has been proofed before it was sent out.

I tested it out walking around and on tripod vs my old copy.  This was not a scientific test but I found that they pretty much performed the same.  If anything my old one was a little more sharp.

Is it worth the $200 I spent on it?  Yeah for sure.  It's not a great lens but it's a good lens if you don't expect miracles and the value is really good.  I can send back the new one I got and I'm out shipping but it was worth it.

I also tested my 70-300 VR on the same subjects just for fun.  I was right, I have an exceptional copy of this lens.  I'm not even envious of the new 70-200 f/4 at this point.

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