high resolution photo slide show to DVD looks like xxxx! Need immediate help please!

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Re: high resolution photo slide show to DVD looks like xxxx! Need immediate help please!

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1. I tried saving the project to DVD format directly too, without saving to 1920x1080 first. Same result

2. Same as #1, tried saving to DVD format or 720 x480, same result

3. yes the frame rate was 24 and when I did a custom setting I tried 24fps and higher but still same results.

What software did you use for your tries above? Also, suggest using 29.97 fps instead of 24 fps.

I can try but unless Sony movie studio does something special to "enhance" the file for DVD then it might be moot.

Windows live moview maker, honestly i don't think it has anything to do with the frame rate. I think its the scaling that's affecting it. First the pics are scaled down to 720x480 for the DVD then its upscaled again for display on a HDTV.

Not sure what program you're using, if you're on Windows7 there is "Windows DVD Maker". Last year my wife scanned about 2,000 slides taken by her late father. She edited them then took them into the DVD Maker to make slide shows. It was extremely user friendly and she had no problems whatsoever viewing them on a big flat-screen TV. There is a set of about 8 standard transitions available as well as the option to add music. She spent hours and hours on the project and it came out great. In the program there are only a couple of options including the aspect ratio and video format.

She played with a couple of demo programs like ProShow but the Windows program was by far the easiest to use, granted not as sophisticated as the pay-for ones, but for the non-professional user it was more than adequate.


Its Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker on Win7 64 bit

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