Samsung NX20 (APS-C) High ISO Noise "Issue"

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Re: Samsung NX20 (APS-C) High ISO Noise "Issue"

Laurie899 wrote:


The DxO article is very interesting. Have I udersood correctly that the impact of light loss for a given large appeture is greater on higher pixel count sensors?


as You can see, it depends mainly on the pixel size (sensor size and pixel count),

but also on other things, like pixel and microlens design - beside the used lens and it's construction...

...but in tendency You understood it right.

It seems that for large appetures that noise is the price paid however still retaining the advantage of shallow depth of field (not mentioned by DxO)

Yes, somehow, but it is more that the (light) advantage of larger apertures is partly eaten by the disadvantage of a higher light loss (in conjunction) with smaller pixel size (and geometry).

As You pointed at, the advantage of shallow depth of field remains.

The resized image (16mp) seems impresively low on noise for 3200. I have wondered, is down sizing a practical method to reduce noise generaly on images. I seem to have read contradictory articles on this


I would be surprised, if You read contradictory articels on this somewhere - maybe You can hint to some?


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