Is fluorescent lighting a worthwhile alternative for budget studio lighting?

Started Mar 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
GHwell Senior Member • Posts: 2,008
Re: Not reallyI

Not cheaper in the long run.  I have and use both.   You must shoot at around 670 to 800 ISO with the bulbs at F4.  I run strobes inside my boxes if I am shooting three or more people together so I can lower the ISO to 400.   If you are shooting just one person, then you can move the boxes very close and shoot at 400 ISO.   I do believe the light from the soft box is softer and it just has a special look that you can not get from a strobe even inside the box. I loose this special look when I add the flash to the box.  Main use for my lights is still life and copy work.   camera on tripod and then I can shoot at 100 ISO   Bulbs really are closer to 5200 and will cost you $12 to $14 dollars each.

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