"DHS released over 2,000 thugs + 3000 more later..."

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Re: "DHS released over 2,000 thugs + 3000 more later..."

vadimraskin wrote:

Chipsthe1 wrote:

vadimraskin wrote:

I am sure locals didn't issue visas to the settlers back in 1700th. So you guys are ALL here illegally - start packing!

Persons born in the US are automatically US citizens so I believe that would mean they are not here illegally

I was referring to first settlers who came from Europe and simply moved in without asking permission from the natives. I guess it was ok back then but now their descendents are all upset with people from other countries doing pretty much the same thing. Typical Conservative hypocrisy, nothing new here.

You will surely forgive me when I misunderstood your saying "you guys are all here illegally" and interpreted it to mean all of us guys  here now. I did not realizing you were speaking only of the first settlers.

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