Struggling with Canon 7d

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Re: Struggling with Canon 7d

mandwa wrote:

Sorry for not replying back i've been out with the 7d.

I've had mixed results, some really good sharp pics and others soft, it's hard to feel confident. One of the things i miss and don't like is the large focus indicator in the viewfinder, it's not very bright (red) when focusing and it's large (compared to the 50d), is there a way to make it smaller and brighter? I like the smaller indicator, feels more accurate although it probably isn't i feel better with it?


This is the exact reason I sold mine.

It, not me, was inconsistent.

With the 7D I owned, I found that 1 of every 3 pics was what I would call sharp.

When you're driving a 1000 miles and paying for rooms, I want something that's a bit better than that.

If you're taking a static photo of a post, well above the rated ratio (85mm to 1/85 of a second) on any manual mode, your subject should come out good. Unless you drank 14 cups of coffee, or have something else that's making you shake. ( I guess I should add one shot focus with one focus point lit and on your subject )

I've owned a 300D, XT, XTI, SXI, 30D, 5DMKII, 3Ti, and 2 7D's. The 7D's were the only cameras that had trouble with that simple task.

Sometimes it's not user error, sometimes it's a bad camera. If it's inconsistent, that's the worst case.

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