10-100 or 10-30 & 30-110 or both?

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Re: Slightly different view

Photo Exporter wrote:

Since I have the 10-100PD I will be keeping that. The lens is a bit heavy on the V1. However, it is a stellar performer and built like a tank. Also, there is no dual chamber design to worry about like the new one. It is also notably shorter extended, which it does upon first power up.

The other thing some may not like with the old 10-100PD is that it has a rocker to zoom instead of a ring. This can be awkward to use, and has limited stops for zoom position.

I thought about getting a new 10-100 for the weight saving. But, when I saw the common super-zoom design and length, I decided to pass. Plus if I ever shoot video, the PD version is whisper quiet.


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