Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

Started Mar 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

I would say this is a bit like the 16-85 overrated. 24-120/4 is the better lens on 12 and 16mp dx format. And at 50-85mm the dx zoom can’t hold a candle to it as it were. Between the formats, considering the resolution and other differences, difficult to say generally. On d600 you get clearly superior results with 24-120/4 to those on 12 or 16mp with 16-85, there just is no comparison imo. I will be selling the 24-120/4 as it was never intended to be used on fx for my purposes but the lens does better than I thought on fx.

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